Status: released, SE version sold out



Beebris started life around twenty years ago as part of what was to be the Bad Brew Crew's "Total Apathy Megademo". The demo seemed suitably titled as it was never completed, although most of the screens have appeared in various productions during subsequent years.

Beebris ST finally saw a release as part of the "Apathetic Games" compilation, which was released when it became apparent the full demo would never be completed. Many years later the source code to the entire production was released via the D-Bug website.


Following the release of the Project One demo Reboot decided to take a break from all things Jaguar. After a suitably relaxing pause, Cyrano Jones picked up the source code for Beebris and decided to port it over to the Jaguar. sh3 was on holiday at this time and returned to find a completed game awaiting new graphics. A few days later and there was a much smoother, slicker version of the game with improved graphics and sound.

GGN had been toying with the idea of webcodes for future game releases and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to test them out.

Beebris Tribute was released via the Internet on 25/09/2009. This release version is available on the site freely. Since this release, we have overhauled the graphics again, giving each game mode its own art assets and have also included additional music.

This new improved version is now also available on this site frely. We want to see our games played by as many people as possible & have come to the conclusion that a small run of affordable discs for collectors complements a free binary for gamers.