Reboot at the PRGE?REBOOT 01-10-12

The Portland Retro Gaming Expo took place last weekend. The AtariAge booth was demonstrating lots of new homebrews for the 2600, 5200 and 7800. Albert was kind enough to set up a Jaguar to show GroovyBee's new Duckie Egg game prior to the Beta release last night. A side effect of this, due to one of our gfxers helping out with his game, was that we got the chance to show some of our games as a change of pace from the hectic 1983 platforming ;-) OMF provided the hardware and lots of testing (thanks!), Albert soldered the chips to the boards right before the show (yikes!) and attendees got to play a multi cart of SuperFly DX (with everything unlocked) and Downfall - two of our games we thought might go down best with the retro gamers attending the show. Albert took some photos of his booth (massively impressive set-up, really good attention to details on the presentation) so we've picked out the ones with the Reboot action ;-)

Thanks again to GroovyBee for giving us the opportunity - good man! OMF for all the testing and for not losing his temper with us. Albert for allowing our games to sit side by side with all those amazing homebrews. Thank you all :-)