MARCH 03, 2013Posted by REBOOT


High res Atari Females?


Atari Jaguar Hip Hop Video ROM?


Visit AA Tripper thread for the ROM download or see the qUaKe page for the Atari Girlz slideshow software.

FEBRUARY 12, 2013Posted by REBOOT


Lots of tools news to update you with so let's crack on!


If you've been playing with qUaKe, Reboot's 640x480 high colour slideshow ROM creation tool, you might have noticed that it came bundled with the then-current versions of rmac and rln assembler and linker. These tools are the versions of mac/aln that we use to produce our games etc. Shamus397 is the driving force behind the development of the tools, but Linkovitch, SCPCD, GGN and others have contributed - you are free to do the same :-) Visit the rmac/rln page for details on how to get hold of them.


Meanwhile, the hyperactive GGN is back once again with another GFA32 masterpiece for some Jaguar fun times! His latest effort, in cooperation with FrediFredo, is a ROM editor for Brett Hull NHL Hockey. It lets you do all kinds of fun stuff to the game including changing team name, player names, stats and graphics! The BHHEdit page is ready when you are.

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Compo results time!

The winner of the KM:F High Score Competition is.... Masematte!

The winner of the KM:F Random Draw is... racerx!

Both will be contacted via forum PM so we can send off your prizes - thanks to everyone for participating, more compos and more games soon!

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New release time! Reboot are proud to present qUaKe for the Atari Jaguar! (Don't get too excited!) Here's a demo ROM for you to flash (will not work 100% in emulators at this time).

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The KM:F compo is over and the high score table sits at 64 entries - AWESOME!

So who won? Masematte, obviously! Nice one, Arne, it was never in doubt! What about the other prize, the random one? Come back tomorrow and find out, we're busy bringing Jaguar fans yet another Reboot release tonight!

JANUARY 18, 2013Posted by REBOOT


There's a new article in the FEATURES section where we attempt to explain what happens when you buy our games (where does the money go?). You should find it details pretty much what we've done with any money we've made so far and how it has been and how it will continue to be put to good use in the near future.

The article also details how it's possible to put games out in physical form and also give them away for download at the same time, without any harm to potential sales. Four different sales models are covered using our own experiences: budget release, higher quality release, digital download and professional production.

There might also be a hint or two regarding our plans for the immediate future, so check it out!

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Kobayashi maru sales continue to do well - it's now our most purchased game!  Thanks once more to RGCD for making this release go so smoothly, the flash cart purchasing fund is looking very healthy now and should soon see another boost with our first release of 2013... but what will that be? A bit of something old and a bit of something new...

But before that, or possibly simultaneously, we're contributing to another project - a collaboration between multiple devs who are planning to use the new Jagtopus carts to release games with, all coming together to say thanks to SCPCD for his hard work designing it and the 4-cart programmer. This project is another RGCD managed CD release and will see all profits go to SCPCD as he continues to develop more exciting Jaguar hardware! Hopefully we'll all be able to help towards patching over that huge hole he burned in his pockets over the past 2 or 3 years :-)

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A new year and a new news page. Old news here.