DECEMBER 31, 2012Posted by REBOOT


Happy New Year from Reboot and the rest of Jagware!

Thanks for the tremendous response to Kobayashi Maru: Final - it has already far exceeded our expectations (especially considering the delay between release and physical copy, but most surprising of all were the 5 orders placed on Christmas Day - some Jaguar fans treating themselves after not getting the presents they hoped for?! :-) Hopefully we'll be lining up more pressed CD releases with RGCD in 2013 and of course bringing you our first cartridge games, powered by SCPCD's fantastic Jagtopus flash cart!

Best wishes for 2013 from CJ, GGN, shTHREE and the rest of the team!

DECEMBER 16, 2012Posted by REBOOT


Kobayashi Maru:Final High Score competition! Great prizes! Enter as many times as you like! Read more on the KM:F High Score Compo page.

DECEMBER 03, 2012Posted by REBOOT


Kobayashi Maru:Final today went on sale at our publisher's site Check out the shop and snag yourself a copy. The game comes on glass-mastered CD, shrinkwrapped inside a DVD-sized case. Prices are very keen for a professionally produced homebrew game, GBP24 for Europe and GBP25 ROW including delivery!

NOVEMBER 23, 2012Posted by shTHREE


Tomorrow... eJagfest... Kobayashi Maru:Final

NOVEMBER 01, 2012Posted by shTHREE


ejagfest approches!

OCTOBER 25, 2012Posted by CYRANO JONES


As promised, here is a document explaining the process of the recent Atari ST games redirected to Jaguar.

OCTOBER 18, 2012Posted by REBOOT


GGN Again made improvements to JiFFI:

"This program has come a long way since its humble v1.0 release and more or less every feature we have discussed about has been implemented. We feel it's doing more than enough as is :-)"

Find out about all the new features, updates and fixes on the JiFFI page!

OCTOBER 01, 2012Posted by REBOOT


The Portland Retro Gaming Expo took place last weekend and Reboot were there... kind of ;-)

SEPTEMBER 22, 2012Posted by REBOOT


Celebrate the release of the skunkboard resources by making your skunk its own little house, courtesy of Reboot.

SEPTEMBER 17, 2012Posted by REBOOT


Inhale... Outhale... Inhale... Outhale.. Inhale... OUTRAGE!

Brian bade some bew bictures for boo. Boooohh.

SEPTEMBER 01, 2012Posted by shTHREE


JiFFI makes it to version 1.3 - GGN has been busy!

- Some minor UI fixes:

- Output directory logic was slightly changed.

- Configuration file.

- An "Overwrite all files" button was added .

- Starting with this version JiFFI introduces a new experimental algorithm to detect binaries.

- Command line switches have been added, so JiFFI can now be added to a developer's build script, or can be used for batch conversion.

AUGUST 01, 2012Posted by shTHREE


Tyrant has made it known he intends to begin production of his 1-button "Superfly DX" controllers. If you'd like one, visit his blog and put your name on the list, first come first served, so don't delay!


JULY 29, 2012Posted by GGN


JiFFI is updated to V1.2. Changes:

  • New ROM header code when creating ROM files out of coff/bjl/etc. Confirmed that works on EEPROMs (previous version exhibited weird behaviour) - special thanks to OMF for testing!
  • Added code to detect a v1.1 ROM generated by JiFFI as well as v1.2.
  • Fixed the detection code as it would not detect a headerless ROM created from coff/bjl/etc.
  • Fixed a bug that would pad a 1mb ROM created from coff/bjl/etc to 2mb, a 2mb to 4mb (i.e. each time you ran JiFFI on a ROM file created by itself it would expand the file until the 4MB limit is reached. Not that anyone had tried this, but you never know :)
  • Now the "treat undetected as" radio buttons are disabled when the program detects one of the known formats (hopefully making the UI a bit less confusing)

JULY 25, 2012Posted by shTHREE


The Rebooteroids page has been updated - check it out if you want to know the current status of the game and where our plans of the title are taking it.

JUNE 30, 2012Posted by shTHREE


Reboot release our latest Jaguar game - Degz. Who can be the first to discover the easter egg? Be sure to post in the forums if/when you find it!

Have fun playing like it's 1981!


JUNE 29, 2012Posted by shTHREE


The new Reboot site is semi-live. Old news... is no longer news... and has been archived. Old site is retired, hopefully this new one will be easier to maintain - especially the projects section. That section just wasn't designed with so many releases in mind... and it wasn't going to get any easier to navigate, so here we are in this nice new home.