Kobayashi Maru: Final HIGH SCORE COMPO



We're holding a little competition for those who bought the game recently.

Rules are simple: Enter as many times as you like. When you enter your scores, simply use a name that RGCD or Reboot will know you by so we'll be able to contact you to give you the prizes.


Yes! We're giving a way a few things. The TOP SCORER will receive a small "Reboot-format" release of both Downfall and the original version of Kobayashi Maru plus Iron Soldier Beta cartridge and Jaguar Extremist Pack #4. Downfall in this format was only released at the Atari Jaguar Europe Festival 2011 and was therefore a very limited release. As well as the highest score prize, we're also offering some other goodies! A RANDOMLY CHOSEN PLAYER will receive a really cool Japanese Atari book with some suitably ossum artwork on the front and rear covers - it has to be seen to be believed, especially the painting of Jeff Minter! They'll also receive copies of the Reboot games mentioned above. If the top scorer also happens to be the same person chosen at random, copies of the two games will go to the first randomly chosen player who is not the top scorer, everything else to the other greedy guy :-)

There is NO LIMIT to the amount of entries as long as each is a unique score, so please don't just resubmit the same score/code over and over. If you really want to, you can enter 300 times or more as long each of the entries is unique... of course we'll think you're a bit odd, but feel free to go for it! The random winner will be chosen by an Atari Falcon 030, both compos end on February 2nd 2013 12:00PM GMT.

Kobayashi Maru is available for purchase from rgcd.co.uk

Kobayashi Maru: Final is the finished version of our game released towards the end of 2011. The release comes as a glass-mastered, pressed, manufactured CD in DVD case with full colour print to CD and insert and is cellophane wrapped for extra freshness. See the KM page for more info.