Kobayashi Maru

Status: released at eJagfest 2011


C O D E : C Y R A N O _ J O N E S

M U S I C : M S G

G F X _ & _ S F X : S H 3







Kobayashi Maru is a 50/60 fps rotary action shooter for the Atari Jaguar games console and was written utilising a version of the new Raptor Engine by Reboot. It can be played with either a rotary controller (such as Chaos Reins, Tyrant or Jonathan Ascough pad) or a regular Jaguar joypad. As with all our other games, it's freely available for download in a number for formats to suit your setup.


Xu approached the balcony of his presidential suite in his usual calm and purposeful manner. This time was different, however. As he looked out to the stars for what was sure to be the last time, he knew he had only one card left to play and that it offered no realistic hope of success. The Ebil Alliance was determined to take the whole galaxy... their invading forces too great in number and their simultaneous attack on all four worlds impossible to defend. As he raised his finger and gestured towards the hangar below, signaling the launch of the Tetrad's prototype warp ship, he knew his coalition of the last four free worlds in the system could not hope to survive such an onslaught.


Xu's United Nations Tetrad are under simultaneous attack from The Ebil Alliance. All that stands between TEA and the XUNTS is you and your warpships. You are the only officer capable of piloting these ships and are therefore the last hope of all XUNT-kind.

As your prototype warpships do not come fitted with stabilising or reverse thrusters, your ship tears around the upper atmosphere with regular engines at full output. Your task is to steer the warpship, avoid collisions and kill the attacking drones. Once the required number of drones have been dispatched, their mothership will arrive and attempt to seek revenge. Defeat this mothership and you'll charge your warp engines and be off to the next planet where you'll find new drones are on the attack.

Some drones have taken your fellow XUNTs hostage - you are able to rescue these falling hostages by catching them with your ship, but beware - if you destroy their baloonachutes they'll fall much more quickly. Chain hostage rescues for increased bonuses, lose a warpship and the chain will reset.

As you defeat drones, your allies below collect their wreckage, recycle it and construct further warpships for your use. 1st extra warpship at 20,000 and every 50,000 afterwards. Lose a warpship and your allies will transport a new one to your position. TEA wins when you no longer have any warpships to replace your damaged vessel.