16/32 BJL Uploader patched

Status: released


H A X X 0 R : G G N

T E S T : S H 3, K R U P K A J



A modified UPLOADER.TOS for the Atari 16/32 platform to allow the bigger .BJL files to be sent to a Behind Jaggy Lines modified Jaguar console.



How do I use it?

Same way you used UPLOADER.TOS.

Why did you make it?

Because a couple of people reported that they could not play SuperFly DX on their BJL Jaguar using the Atari uploader.

What did you do?

Disassembled it, increased the buffer size & the sending size then booted it out the door like a cat that sh*t in the cornflakes.

I tried it, but it didn't work! What now?

Upgrade your ST's memory. It needs a 2.5Mb+ ST to work, or a 4Mb Falcon.

I tried it, and it works! What now?

Play SuperFlyDX, Atomic, etc, have fun, say thanks to GGN, SH3 & Krupkaj for bringing you this earth-shattering patch in 15 minutes of PURE HARDCORE JAGUAR MADNESS!

I have more questions!

Call the Reboot helpline and ask for Dot Dot Dot, use the codeword it 'White Rum'. Calls cost Eur6.90/minute, minimum call duration 6.9 minutes.

This has been another Press The Button production!