Status: in development


C O D E : C Y R A N O _ J O N E S

C O D E : M A T M O O K _ (R M O T I O N _ A N I M A T I O N _ E N G I N E )

C O D E : L I N K O V I T C H (U - 2 3 5 S E )


RaptoR - Overview

RaptoR is a high performance RISC-based API designed to leverage the performance of the Jaguar's custom RISC chips in an easy and flexible manner, allowing the software developer to spend more time following their vision instead of wrestling with the hardware.

It currently consists of:

  • RaptoR core - powerful GPU based sprite/animation engine capable of many functions
  • U235SE - pure DSP based audio engine
  • RMotion - highly advanced animation scripting and control engine with around 80 commands
  • ParticleFX - configurable particle fx engine, work in progress
  • ... plus many more general purpose routines


By combining these systems with a convenient and simple API, we aim to remove the drudgery from making software for the Atari Jaguar games console.

RaptoR Lists contain text based descriptions of the scene you wish to render and can contain commands for movement, wraps, sprite lifespan, etc. By using this approach, virtually anyone can make something using RAPTOR, even with little or no prior programming experience.

It is our hope that eventually this will help to reboot the Jaguar homebrew community in a similar way that Batari Basic did for the 2600. It's a tall order - we're aiming high.

More example code and additions to the RAPTOR library will follow. Anyone and everyone is welcome to participate with bug fixes, suggestions and general discussion.

To follow:

  • map module
  • more from the particle fx module
  • C-wrapper (by GroovyBee and/or Seb?)
  • more modules