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For Windows

- So what is it?

To put it simply, it's a pic displayer generator.

- What? I want my money back! Just a pic displayer?

Ah, but not an ordinary one! It uses 640x480 in interlaced mode to give you super extra high fidelity! Also we use BPEG compression so you can cram lots of pictures in a single ROM file!

- Will the high resolution break my hardware?

It's just as likely as a piano falling in your head.

- How do I set it up?

Glad you asked!


it needs convert.exe from the Imagemagick package. Due to licensing reasons (i.e. we can't be arsed finding out if we can include this) you have to download the binary package, install it, then copy convert.exe to the folder "tools" which is inside the directory QUAKE resides on.


it needs dosbox.exe from the DOSbox package. Put that in the "tools directory as well"

- How do I use it?

Couldn't it be simpler! Just grab a few pics from your hard drive and put them in the "pics" folder of QUAKE. File format and size doesn't matter - imagemagick will do the dirty conversion work for us. The pics will be added in alphabetical order, so take care while adding them. Then simply run "quakegen.exe" - it'll open and close quite a few windows - don't panic, it's normal! After it's settled down and everything went ok, a "hires.rom" file will appear in the ROM folder. Use it in emulators, flash it on skunkboard, toast it on eeproms and stick them on a cart - it's your choice!

We should also mention the controls. After running it, the first picture will be displayed. Left or C on the joypad will take you to the previous picture, while Right, A or B will take you to the next one. If you reach the last or first pic, they will wrap around.

- How can I change the compression ratio for BPEG?

Ah, a tech head! Just open file tools\dosbox-0.74.conf and go to the bottom of the file. There should be a line reading:

cbpeg -quality 80 temp.tga temp.bpg

Change the "80" to any number from 0 to 100 and save the file. Done!

- Who made this?

Not sure if anyone wants to own up to this :P Anyway...
Zerosquare of CVSD did the brilliant research for hires interlacing and it's his setup code that makes this all possible! He also provided a weird bug report and some assistance.
SCPCD also provided assistance with the above mentioned bug and shouted "NYAN!" on irc.
FrediFredo made a request for a tool like this while working on another project, so it's his fault that you're looking at this thing right now.
Tyrant of Arcana took Zerosquare's code and bolted it on the standard Atari Inc. example startup code and made a few other things.
GGN of Reboot took Tyrant's code uploaded on http://jagware.org and hacked it to hell until it displayed BPEG files. Also nicked CJ's joypad handling code as he couldn't be arsed writing his own :P.

- What is the license of this?

WTFPL. See file COPYING for more info.

- Are you mocking me?

Nope, see http://www.wtfpl.net/ for more info.

- Are you swearing at me?

If you think that, then stop reading this file and delete the archive and the files if you extracted them.

- Can I have the source code?

It's already included in the archive under the "code" folder. Enjoy!

- Why is some garbage displayed on screen at startup?

Ah, here's the part where we all became bored coding more stuff for QUAKE. And since we're releasing the source code, you can fix this yourself, it doesn't bother us! So...

Patches welcome.

- I want a slideshow mode!

Patches welcome.

- I don't like all this opening and closing of windows!

Patches welcome.

- I want palette fading between pictures!

Patches welcome.

- I want cross-fading fx like those 90s slideshows!

Patches welcome.

- I want rotary controls!

Patches welcome.

- I want mouse controls!

Patches welcome.

- I want VR helmet controls!

Patches welcome.

- I want mac/linux/arudino/Raspberry pi/Spectrum ZX81/Etch-a-Sketch ports!

Patches welcome.

- I don't like GFA32! I want languages with moar POWA like C!

With a little work, it should be possible to port the code to x11basic (http://x11-basic.sourceforge.net/) since it's compatible to GFA basic.

Patches welcome.

- I don't like you!

C'est la vie.

- I love you guys!

We love you too! Thank you for using our stuff!

- What is rmac and rln in the "tools" folder?

It's our own version of Landon Dyer's mac and aln, which Subqmod continued as smac and sln. You can have it, free of charge!

- I want rmac and rln on other platforms!

Get in touch with us!

- I have more questions!

Get in touch with us!

(patches welcome)

- I want more things from you!

Thank you! An e-mail to us or a post to a forum will make us glad and boost our confidence. If you want to donate money or hardware to us, get in touch with us!

- I want the real Quake on the Jaguar!

Patches welcome.


Reboot in 03/02/2013