CD Encryption tool :: Skunkboarded

Status: released


C O D E : G G N

T E S T I N G : S H 3



What is it?

To cut a long story short, it's a modified JagCD encryptor that uses the Skunkboard for transfers instead of Xmodem (as is the original version that Matthias Domin offers on his website). It was hacked up in 1-2 days after Sh3 got his JagCD.





How do I use it?

Easy really, just get a Jaguar, a JagCD and a Skunkboard and stick them together in the usual way. Plug a Jagpad in the 2nd hole (should come as 2nd nature to some). Plug the skunkboard to your computer. Turn on your Jaguar. Assuming you already installed the skunkboard and have jcp up and running, bring up a console, go to the directory where rbt_cden.abs is and type:

jcp -c rbt_cden.abs

This will send the program to the Skunkboard. DO NOT CLOSE THE CONSOLE UNTIL THE END OF THE PROCESS! (or, if you do, just run "jcp -c"). Follow the Jag's on-screen prompts and you will end up with a file called "key.ggn". This is the file that's needed to be padded & included in your final encrypted CD in place of the dummy hash..

Why did you write it?

No-one at Reboot has a BJL modded Jaguar, nor did we intend to acquire one. The same goes for the Xmodem cable. The JagCD was bought for research purposes. So we had to use it somehow :)

It sure takes its sweet time to send the key. Can't you make it run faster?

Not sure really. At first we tried the maximum packet size while sending, but this would give the program the fits. After LOTS of fiddling around, GGN found out that 32-byte packets are quite reliable (second lowest value tried was 512 bytes, and it still didn't work). But it's not that slow in the grand scheme of things... besides, how many encrypted CDs do you make per day ? :)

I tried it, but it didn't work! What now?

Oops! Get in touch with us! Jagware forums or our own should work. E-mail us if you prefer.

I tried it, and it works! What now?

Read Matthias Domin's excellent tutorials on how to create an encrypted CD. Dropping a thank you note to us can't hurt :)

I don't like it. It takes ages and costs 2 CDs to create an encrypted one. Do something about it!

See ULS and JiFFI.

This has been another Press The Button production!


Transmitting, Transmitting...

Thanks to everyone who worked on the previous versions of this program, thanks to Seb for suppliying what he had done so far & to the other Jagware people who are always on hand to help :) Thanks to Matthias Domin, Glenn Bruner, Michael Hill, Curt Vendel and anyone else who worked to open up the Jaguar CD to us all. The archive now contains the source, maybe someone will be able to speed it up & keep it stable?