Status: released at AC 2011


C O D E : C Y R A N O _ J O N E S

E X T R A _ C O D E : S A U R O N

M U S I C : M S G

G F X : N E O _ & _ S H 3

S F X : S H 3

L E V E L _ D E S I G N : S H 3


"an addictive little game that, while fun in its own right, is better than 99% of the original Jaguar's library"






SOURCE CODE - This software is provided free of charge to anyone and everyone. Reboot grant you the right to modify and redistribute derivative works of this software digitally provided that:

  • This software, or any derivative or this software, is not sold.
  • No monies or other payments are received to cover duplication costs of media, media cases or containers.
  • Any and all derivatives clearly state they are based on the original work contained here in.
  • No physical media shall be sold containing this or derivatives of this work.
  • Reboot cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss caused by the use of this software.


Where did you get the idea for the game?

DOWNFALL was inspired by Spike Goes Down for Vectrex and Man Goes Down on VCS, both by Alex Herbert. It is not intended to be a port or recreation, just our imagining of his falling/gravity game idea.

Any further details? What isn't DOWNFALL?

DOWNFALL isn't a brain-blasting 64-bit showcase for the Jaguar.

It is a simple, free, and challenging time-sink in the best traditions of our favourite old Atari games. Play. Die. Play again. Shout at the TV. Play again.

DOWNFALL is a 60fps slice of pure gameplay. No GPU, no special techniques, just some proper Atari-style gameplay.


What is the aim of the game?

Survive & score points. High score saves to Memory Track cartridge.


How do I play DOWNFALL?

Use LEFT and RIGHT on the d-pad and B fire button to control the falling man. When you start the game, the player sprite falls from the top centre of the screen. Quickly guide him to the safety of one of the platforms that are moving up the screen. You must now prevent your character from being squashed at the top of the screen by dropping down to lower platforms - but be careful! You must also ensure he does not fall off the bottom of the screen.

During your time falling and running you will find tasty fruits to refresh you. These give score based on a multiplier of level - the higher the level, the higher the score. Your character will tell you what he thinks of the fruits in a number of ways.

You will also find a number of power-ups occasionally. Some require the use of the B button to activate them. When your character shouts the secret word you will know your power-up is about to expire - act quickly!

The character may sometimes make comments other than those that are fruit or power-up related. You may or may not find these infos useful as you guide him deeper and deeper down.


Will you package and sell DOWNFALL?

Not as-is, no. It could well appear in a multi-cart of smaller releases at some point, possibly even in a collaboration with other productive Jaguar groups. * A very limited set of copies was offered to e-jagfest 2011 attendees - it sold out quickly.


You have released fully commented source code and assets to this game - why?

Because we want people to get involved, to take up Jaguar game making and to have fun with it. Play with it, figure out what happens and why, adapt it into another game and learn as you experiment - it's simple! We just ask that you don't share anything you create from the game except with us - we're keen to see what people come up with. If you make something interesting we might feature it here on the site for everyone to try out. Go for it!