rmac :: rln

Status: released


C O D E : L A N D O N D Y E R

C O D E : A L A N K P R A T T

C O D E : S H A M U S 3 9 7

C O D E : L I N K O V I T C H

C O D E : S C P C D

C O D E : G G N

C O D E : S U B Q M O D

C O D E : E T C .


rmac and rln are continued versions of madmac and aln assembler and linker.

You can grab the source from the respective GIT repos:

git clone http://shamusworld.gotdns.org/git/rmac

git clone http://shamusworld.gotdns.org/git/rln


rmac & rln, march 2013

The tools are not exactly a continuation of SubQMod's smac & sln, they are more like a side-step to tools suitable for those working on them and taken forward from there. Continue to use smac & sln if they meet your needs or feel free to take any fixes or alterations throughout the revision history for your own use.

Shamus397 is the main contributor, contact him with any bug reports, suggestions and hatemail.