REBOOT :: IN PRINT 21 Homebrews worth playingDOWNFALL

Not 'in print' as such, but a fairly impressive mention of our game. In April 2011, presented a feature where they set out to "...track down some of the game industry's most interesting homebrew games from over the years."

Needless to say we were pleasantly surprised to see they chose to include one of our games, Downfall, in their list!

" Downfall is a simple idea made for a forgotten system. You guide your player down a pit from platform to platform as the world autoscrolls down. Go too slow or fall too fast and it's game over. While not as epic or grand as Battlesphere, it's an addictive little game that, while fun in its own right, is better than 99% of the original Jaguar's library. "

It wasn't all good news. The comments section was spammed with predictable jagtard idiocy, so do yourself a favour and don't read such jealous nonsense.