RetroManiac Issue #5DOWNFALL review translation

RetroManiac is a Spanish website and magazine. The magazine, often over 150 pages of super high-quality retro gaming news, reviews and all that goes with it, is distributed freely as a downloadable PDF. In issue 5, the guys looked at our little game Downfall. Click the thumb below for a full-size imagine in a new window and read the google translation below.

Again by feeding the beast

Went unnoticed by the gaming industry despite its time promised to become the most powerful machine that time. Despite its appeal and feline name, Jaguar console did not exceed be a cute cat that nobody wanted. Perhaps the fault was his creative ATARI, or the disastrous campaign promotion and marketing of it, or little support from the developers, but it is clear that the project was almost no chance of success. Furthermore, in a time when the 16-bit Sega and Nintendo permeating interest of the players, was quite difficult to think that a new machine could change the opinion of the mass. Not even those impressive to future 64-bit CD-ROM change things. Furthermore, with the respective calling succeeding the door, Who would want to buy this beast?

Despite this bad situation, surprisingly, in the maelstrom of today with polygons, shaders, motion sensors or blue disks, there are still people who feel a passing interest for this launch titles defunct console. Maybe it's just a matter of nostalgia, or because retro is in vogue, but the fact is that after all this time, Jaguar has a new game you sink your teeth: Downfall.

After this curious name hides Reboot the computer programming, and which is part of the gaming community and programming for Atari Jaguar which exists at present. As lovers of good company and own system, are taken from the manga a game quite simply, but very fun. It basically consists of making your character take from the top of the screen down by relying on different platforms they appear. Since this screen is moving quickly, we must prevent our reach while we evaluate our fall not to rush into the void. As an aid during the tour go on getting extra dots and some items to improve skills.

Technically, the game will not be far from one of the many who might find as standard in our mobile, for example. In addition, the creators are boast about it. Graphically not highlight or advantage Jaguar possibilities, although its 60fps are more than welcome. Playable, the game itself that ago because of the simplicity of the graphics is joined ease of handling. No more is needed to move from right to left and dropped. Then press the appropriate button to activate the ability, and go. However, excessive flow of the game and the inertia of the character can condemn more than once. Also, its simplicity and the absence of greater incentive that getting more and more points, may cause that is easily forgotten.

In short, little more can be said of Downfall. It is laudable that still there are people who keep alive the flame of consoles that do not enjoy the massive success, although the game is not a paragon of originality or advantage full power of the machine. Also, thanks to the possibility of enjoy it if you do not have the machine, as is also freely available by download or on emulator.

System: Atari Jaguar
Post: Reboot
Developer: Reboot (free download)
Genre: Platform
Players: 1