Micro Mart 1192 FeatureDEAD CONSOLES

The mid-January 2012 issue of Micro Mart (weekly UK computing/tech magazine) had a 4-page feature on 'Dead Consoles' and people who work on them. The writer used part of an interview with Reboot as well as interesting stuff from Super Fighter Team to create the article. As an interview the text read a little differently than it does here without context, so sorry if we come over sounding somewhat cocky and only concentrated on our own (Jagware's) work with Jaguar, that's what we were asked about :D

The questions were posed to obtain a personal viewpoint. We got interviewed because we do stuff & release it, nothing else ;-) and there's a big f-off photo of a Jaguar in a UK high street publication in 2012... B-A-M!

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