German Games Magazine

Germany's longest-running games magazine mentioned Reboot's release of DOWNFALL and the WIP REBOOTEROIDS along with U-235's REACTRIS. Unfortunately, Nintendo's huge advertising spending spree & accompanying freebie pictures in the news section meant there were no screen shots of the 4 Atari games mentioned in this issue, but we're still stoked to get the mention.

"For the Jaguar no less than three titles are in the pipeline: The first one goes by the name of "Reactris", was born at the Atari Connexion also (like "Tetris Raiden"), and sticks even closer to the Tetris-formula. Doesn't sound too exciting at first, but it is interesting because it will be the first game for the wildcat that runs in 640 x 480. Responsible for "Downfall", an enhanced adaption of the Atari-2600-homebrew "Man goes Down" are the guys at Reboot; the fun minigame is available for free as a download. The true highlight for the 64-bit-machine has to be "Rebooteroids" from the same team though, and this one is destined for a full cartridge release. This "Asteroids"-clone is expected to feature effects worthy of the hardware, a multiplayer-mode, upgradeable weapons and many extras."

Thanks to 108 Stars!

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